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BN Travel: #JoziWithGoogle – Day 3! Tuke Morgan gets to Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride, Making Yummy Chocolates & a Photo Shoot



Hey Guys,

Hope you enjoyed reading my recap of Day 1 and Day 2. This trip is really going by so fast, can’t believe Day 3 is over already.

We woke up super early on Day 3 as we had to leave Glenburn Lodge by 4:30am or we wouldn’t be able to ride the hot air balloon.

We were split into two groups and the balloon was blown up based on the combined weight of the people in the basket.

OMG, we are about to go in a hot air balloon #BNTravel #BNforJoziWithGoogle #ExploreWithGoogle #JoziWithGoogle

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2016-11-10-photo-00000167 2016-11-10-photo-00000168 2016-11-10-photo-00000175

Hey #HotAirBalloon #BNForJoziWithGoogle #BNTravel #ExploreWithGoogle #JoziWithGoogle

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It was a wonderful experience and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity.

As you can see from the videos below, I was pretty scared at first but I really had nothing to worry about #GodsGotMyBack 🙂

We rode in the hot air balloon, past spring buck, zebras and cows for about 1 hour. We went by some farms too.

2016-11-10-photo-00000170 2016-11-10-photo-00000171 2016-11-10-photo-00000169 2016-11-10-photo-00000173 2016-11-10-photo-00000176 2016-11-10-photo-00000172

The view from the sky was really pretty. You get to truly appreciate God’s handiwork from high up in the sky.

We landed sideways and had to crouch down as the balloon was approaching the ground.

dsc_2067 dsc_2097 dsc_2104 dsc_2099 dsc_2056 dsc_2057

The pilot gave us certificates of completion, a brief history of Hot Air Balloons and there was champagne, orange juice and water to celebrate.

Whoooooop ???? #IDidIt ????? #BNTravel #BNForJoziWithGoogle #ExploreWithGoogle #JoziWithGoogle

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So a bottle is popped after each flight ??? #BNTravel #BNForJoziWithGoogle #ExploreWithGoogle #JoziWithGoogle

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We headed back to the lodge for breakfast and got some of our pictures printed from this really cool machine.

I headed back to my chalet to get ready for the shoot which took place at the river lapa.

I found it amazing that they flew in a Nigerian Photographer @alistairengletonpereston instead of using a local photographer. He took some amazing pictures which I love. They show how breathtaking the scenery is.

dsc_0042 dsc_0045 dsc_0058 2016-11-10-photo-00000179 2016-11-10-photo-00000180

We headed back to our rooms to pack up our belongings before getting into the bus back to Jozi. Little did we know that we had one more stop.

We visited The Chocolate Tier at Casa Linga, which is an Italian restaurant.

The grounds and interior are so beautiful, check out this video I put on Instagram.

Every inch of that property is photoshoot worthy, even the toilets 🙂

We went down into the basement for a chocolate making class.

It was such an amazing experience, rolling the ganache into balls, dipping it into melted chocolate and then topping it with anything we felt like e.g. Honeycomb, Marshmallows, Coconut Shavings, etc.

We could even add peppermint essence, almond essence or caramel essence to it to change the flavor.

It was such an enlightening session 🙂

dsc_0117 dsc_0098 dsc_0092 dsc_01262016-11-10-photo-00000183 dsc_0072 dsc_0108 dsc_0137

We also made chocolate covered apples, Yummy!

After making a huge mess with chocolate and getting our Google aprons dirty, we proceeded upstairs for lunch. There was a variety of breads and pasta to eat.

dsc_0133 dsc_0134 dsc_0196 dsc_0198 dsc_2109

After Lunch, we headed back to our hotel in the city to rest and unpack before a mini party in the penthouse.

I got into an Uber to visit an older cousin of mine who works in Sandton and it was nice to finally see what the city had to offer.

In my first #Uber in #Jozi ?? #JoziWithGoogle #BNTravel #BNForJoziWithGoogle #ExploreWithGoogle

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I got back to the hotel and realized that only finger foods will be served at the party so took the free Hotel Shuttle to the city to find some filling seafood.

I had dinner at Cilantros and it was absolutely delicious.

Seafood Pasta is my favourite meal and the linguini pomodorini did not let me down 🙂

The Complimentary Bread Roll was served in a really nice way too.

I headed back to the hotel and met some delegates, artistes and performers who had just arrived from Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique for the Youtube Africa Awards.

I took some pictures with the emoji pillow then headed down to my room to sleep.

dsc_01792016-11-10-photo-00000185 2016-11-10-photo-00000186 2016-11-10-photo-00000184

I’m really looking forward to day 4 as I am finally going to shop, wooohoooo!!!!

Don’t forget to keep updated with all the activities via Instagram 🙂

Photo Credit: Tuke Morgan | | Leon Van Rooyen | Alistair Englebert