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Did You Miss Tuesday’s #BBNaija “Pepper Dem” Reunion Show? Let’s Catch You Up

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The #BBNaija Pepperdem reunion show which kicked off on Monday, with some housemates back on our screens, is still ongoing!

For Tuesday’s show, Tacha, Mercy, Venita, Omashola, Seyi, Frodd, Kim Oprah, Jackye, were all physically present.

The show lasted for 30 minutes, with the housemates sharing their audition stories, who they thought had no business in the house, and who were the top highlights?

Auditon stories, Kim Oprah said she almost fainted, Mercy said she had auditioned five times before she finally got in, and for Tacha, she went viral before she even entered the house because there was a clip of her being taunted by some other girls while on the queue. In true Tacha fashion, all their taunts did not phase her, she was just focused on her audition process. When she finally got into the house, regardless of the hate she experienced, she was excited.

Frodd, Omashola and Tacha felt like they needed to lose some weight before getting into the house. From the first stage of being selected to them entering the house, they wanted to be fully prepared. (LOL!)

On who they thought had no business in the house:

  • Joe said, Esther
  • Nelson said, Thelma
  • Seyi said Jackye and Diane
  • Kim Oprah said, Diane
  • Ella said, Cindy

Jackye’s response for those who felt she had no reason to be in the house, “I was playing me and I played the part I wanted to play…Nobody at any point subdued me… I wasn’t gunning for the ultimate price, I just wanted an opportunity for people to see the tech queen”. (Yass! Girl)

Seyi pointed out that, “If the Diane we’re seeing after the house was the one we saw in the house, she would have been a threat to Lambo”, but is Sucre Papito right about this ??

On playing a script to be like past housemates, Tacha said, “I’m too original to want to act like anybody, and coming on BBNaija and wanting to be like another people I strongly believe you will lose… If you watch the show you know that it was Tacha”. (We definitely saw Tacha, and she gave it to us, hot).

Finally! Tacha answered Ebuka’s question -“What are the characteristics of a winner” – Her new answer: Confidence.

On who were the top highlights, most housemates said Mercy, Tacha, and Omashola.

Lambo, Lambo, Lambo – Mercy needs to explain this statement, “When Mercy coughs, it highlights”.

Omashola gave a nice speech, (you should know him by now).

He also said, “Highlights should be the name of the show. It shouldn’t even be named Pepper Dem, it should be Big Brother Highlights…” (What a Wow!)

The show ended with Kim Oprah coming for Tacha… (drum roll).

Well people, that’s all for Tuesday’s reunion. We can’t wait for the show to start proper and for the real pepper. Until then, see ya!

Photo Credit: lookslikeagoodman