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You deserve a Sweet Treat this Weekend – Here are 4 Must-Try Popsicle Recipes by Food Critic Live!



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Food Critic Live is a new column on where your appetite for adventurous eating will be born. One fork after another, we bring you adventures and new discoveries in all things food and drink. As well as the best kitchen tips, tricks, and hacks – from one foodie to another!

We all deserve a treat every now and then and this month, Food Critic Live is giving us the perfect reasons to indulge in sweet moments with four yummy popsicle recipes.

Amidst the ups and downs, life throws at us, the storm seems to stop for a moment when we have a treat. There’s no shame in having one every day especially when it’s guilt-free. Yes, there are guilt-free treats that taste amazing without the excessive calories.

Check out four recipes you can try this weekend and thank us later!

1: Strawberry & Cream Popsicle

Photo by sheri silver on Unsplash

Strawberries are the fruit of love and a symbol of romance. They may not be the most flavourful fruit, but with the combination of the right ingredients, they can make delicious popsicles. The holiday season is here. Whether you’re stuck at work, lucky to be on holiday, or have children at home, popsicles are a great treat.

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2: Fruity Popsicle

Photo by Dani Rendina on Unsplash

A must-try guilt-free treat is a fruity popsicle. Fruity popsicles come in so many flavors, are very inexpensive, and easy to make. With so many options to choose from, you can never go wrong with this combo pineapple-banana-orange.

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3: Boozy Mango Popsicle

Photo by Adam Bartoszewicz on Unsplash

We officially call this treat the “Relazz and Be Taken Kiaruf” popsicle. My, my, my! Your tastebuds will thank you. Whether you’re hosting friends or doing this as part of your self-care routine, this easy-to-make homemade treat is a must-try.

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4: Tropical Fruit Popsicle

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs by making it part of your daily diet to eat some fruit. It doesn’t have to be boring, you can spruce things up with this fruity popsicle recipe. With an average of about 43 calories per popsicle, this is one healthy treat you’ll love. It’s also a great treat for children and it’s diabetic friendly.

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