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Meet the Beauty Queens Representing Africa at the 2021 Miss Universe



On December 12, 2021, the 70th Miss Universe pageantry will hold in Eilat, Israel. On the stage, the current Queen, Andrea Meza, who is from Mexico, will crown her successor. 

The event will be hosted by Steve Harvey and will see the return of countries who could not participate in the previous edition. These are Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Sweden, and Turkey

Recall also that some African countries like Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco Kenya, Namibia, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania could not participate at the 69th edition of Miss Universe as a result of the pandemic. 

However, as the countdown to the semifinals of Miss Universe 2021 progresses, let us take a look at the African beauty queens representing the continent on the international stage. 

Michèle-Ange Minkata

Country: Cameroon
Age: 27
Instagram: Michèle_Ange_Minkata
Fun Facts

  • She started school at a very young age and she was always the youngest in the class.
  • She was a tomboy all through her teenage years.ntries over the last 5 years.
  • She record songs during her free time and a self-taught guitar player.

Latela Mswane

Country: South Africa
Age: 24 
Instagram: Latela Mswane
Fun Facts

  • She is a proud Zulu woman.
  • She can do flamenco dancing.
  • Her real name is is Lalela Umkhosi Wephaseka – being born over Easter, it means “listen to the commemoration of the Passover”.

Silvia Naa Morkor Commodore

Country: Ghana
Age: 26
Instagram: Silvia Naa Morkor Commodore
Fun Facts

  • She was always the tallest student in class throughout her basic education.
  • She is a wedding event planner and have always hoped to have her wedding in space one day.
  • She is the first woman from her hometown to be crowned Miss Universe Ghana. 

Maristella Okpala

Country: Nigeria
Age: 28
Instagram: Maristella Okpala
Fun Facts

  • She has a collection of fridge magnets. She gets new magnets in every country I visit, so currently, she has over 30.
  • She is a flight attendant with Emirates Airline and has travelled to over 40 countries.
  • She used to be a football player when she was in college.

Chelsi Shikongo

Country: Namibia
Age: 24
Instagram: Chelsi Shikongo
Fun Facts

  • She was an award-nominated standup and social media comedian.
  • She was named after the late Chelsi Pearl Smith who won Miss Universe 1995 in Namibia.
  • She raised $22,000 in 48 hours.

Roshanara Ebrahim

Country: Kenya
Age: 28
Instagram: Roshanara Ebrahim
Fun Facts

  • She is the first Kenyan to have won the Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Supermodel titles in her country.
  • She set the judicial precedent for the right to digital privacy against revenge porn in Kenya.
  • She loves that she has the esoteric wisdom of a sage at her age.

Martina Mituy Avomo

Country: Equatorial Guinea
Age: 19
Instagram: Martina Mituy Avomo

Fun Facts:

  • She is studying petrochemical engineering and acting as a caregiver for the elderly in a nursing home.
  • She speaks Spanish and French.
  • She ha traveled to Spain, Cuba, Cameroon, and Gabon 

Anne Murielle Ravina

Country: Mauritius 

Age: 26

Instagram: Anne Murielle Ravina

Fun Facts:

  • She has been featured on CNN TV Network as one of the most inspirational young African women, alongside Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019.
  • She is the first woman from her family to graduate from a university and also, the first woman from her native island Rodrigues to compete at Miss Universe.
  • She speaks three languages fluently and she is thinking of learning a fourth language!

Africans in Diaspora

Kedist Deltour (Ethiopian descent) 

Country: Belgium 
Age: 24
Instagram: Kedist Deltour
Fun Facts

  • Her real name Kedist means Light and Hope. 
  • She was born in Ethiopia and adopted when she was 10 years old.
  • She survived a bomb attack in her town in Ethiopia.

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