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Iman, Aweng Chuol, Duckie Thot & More Join Forces on the Supreme Models Docuseries

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Model, stylist, and author Marcellas Reynolds and supermodel Iman join forces in an extraordinary docu-series that unveils the complete narrative and rich history of black fashion models. From the iconic trailblazers of the 1970s to the bold trendsetters of 2022, this groundbreaking series sheds light on the industry’s transformative journey towards inclusivity and authenticity. With appearances from influential figures like ZendayaEdward Enninful, Aweng Chuol, Veronica Webb, Joan Smalls, Precious Lee, Law Roach, and Anna Wintour, this documentary stands as the first of its kind to delve deep into this pivotal subject.

Reynolds and Iman engage in candid conversations with industry insiders, including magazine editors, stylists, photographers, directors, and models themselves, to explore the highs and lows of fashion’s tumultuous runway landscape. The historical account reveals a pre-90s era marked by limited diversity, followed by a vibrant surge of inclusivity in the 90s. However, the subsequent years witnessed a regression as mainstream fashion week once again embraced near-exclusivity.

This compelling  Youtube Originals series based on the book Supreme Models: Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion captures the essence of the struggle for representation and aims to propel the fashion industry towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Watch episodes below:







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