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#HippieCuppy! The Global Grind Never Stops as DJ Cuppy takes Coachella



The global grind never stops for DJ Cuppy!

The DJ has been in Los Angeles, California, USA throughout the weekend for one of the world’s biggest and most popular music festivals, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, popularly called just ‘Coachella’.

Although she missed the second half of the elections, luckily she didn’t face as much backlash from fans as she did two weeks ago, when she was in Kenya during the Presidential elections.

Her travel buddy was her friend Michou! Here are the photos so far:

Arrivall! LAX

Arrivall! LAX

Selfie Time! DJ Cuppy & Michou

Selfie Time! DJ Cuppy & Michou

DJ Cuppy at Coachella 2015 9 DJ Cuppy at Coachella 2015 3



Backpack Living!

Backpack Living!

1Oak Day Party

1Oak Day Party

DJ Cuppy at Coachella 2015 4

Blinged Out Headphones!

Blinged Out Headphones!

Time to Work!

Time to Work!

Photo Credit: | @CuppyMusic & @NijouMichou


  1. bruno

    April 13, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    ” Time to Work!”

    gurl, what u do is NOT work. LOL

    • Ewa

      April 13, 2015 at 5:41 pm


  2. jide

    April 13, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    Afi work naa. Come and ask me o

  3. ability babe

    April 13, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    Na wa ooo,which kind work

  4. Diddy

    April 13, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    make u no tell us se u dey dj for coachella cos dey see everytin,so nne just follow dem catch d fun no be se dem hire u cos that place where u dey pose be like where dem get give massage

    • Jaygirl

      April 13, 2015 at 9:38 pm

      Lol Diddy! U nailed it.

  5. Me

    April 13, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    Whether anyone likes it or not, She is doing what she loves which also happens to be what she is paid to do hence the need to call it work. This girl gets all this bad rap for belonging to the Otedola family, she didn’t pick the family, and i’m sure any one of us who would’ve been priviledged to come from extremely wealthy families would do enjoy , do same or even do worse, so let’s all just take it all in.

    She does appear decent and sweet though.

    • Diddy

      April 13, 2015 at 8:15 pm

      My dear what planet are u from that u r saying where we like it or not,if u have not been following the coachella music festival i am ooo,and nobody paid her and nobody is jealous of her,when her 5 mins of fame expire she can go back to school

  6. polypoly

    April 13, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    BN get it together….DJ Cuppy wasnt on the bill to DJ at any Coachella events….tah na her type. that’s some empty hass looking resort near Palm springs I guess. if it were a legit Coachella event, you woulda seen a crowd and party atmosphere. that’s like a regular resort happy hour DJ set. chaille bye!!

    btw – is it me or wasn’t Olori Adenuga supposed to be enrolled in some MBA program in NYC?? awon PR peeps yii ti sun mi ejor….#SPONSOREDPOST Tinz

  7. Bees

    April 13, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    Does she ever close her mouth?

  8. bruno

    April 13, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    biko tell dem oh. she did not perform at coachella.

    stop trying to sell us unnecessary zobo.

  9. Manny

    April 13, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    Those wrinkles on Michou’s forehead though.

    • lol

      April 13, 2015 at 7:21 pm

      Were we looking at the same picture?
      I didn’t see anything.

  10. Henry

    April 13, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    Very nice

  11. Tee

    April 13, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    People need to chill small, the article says nothing about Cuppy playing at Coachella, just attending.. Also, since when did being a DJ not count as work?? Free her, she’s doing what she clearly loves

    • Polypoly

      April 13, 2015 at 8:51 pm

      Dj Cuppy is that u??? Gurl bye!!!

      Her instagram posts clearly made it seem like she was booked. No hunty!!! You was not. Why would she be displaying her laptop & headset with turntable is she aint tryna flex for the gram. Sorry we coachella folks know wats up. Even yankre celebs r getting called out for tryna feel among…lol!!

  12. bamayi

    April 13, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Angry Angry Angry.. !!! work or no work. she does have a degree from Kings college London…. let the young girl live her life. When the time comes. you will be her subordinate because degree pass degree…. Man like Bruno over there with your sharp mouth, if your father was Otedola. you will own all the comment sections on linda and bellanaija

  13. Anonymous

    April 13, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    Make her dey Knorr Knorr . . Make her dey Maggi Maggi!!

  14. beast

    April 13, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    cuppylove all the way joor. always looking fly and having major swag.

  15. Marlvina

    April 14, 2015 at 12:35 am

    That’s her passion! That’s her work…

  16. mr man

    April 14, 2015 at 8:20 am

    No be only work….lol. Snap Pishure finish and go spend ur father’s money yo.

  17. integrity

    April 14, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Her Phrase “Time to work” shes too funny….. Fun work!! come and help prepare my daily reports and analysis. Now thats WORK!

  18. Humm

    April 14, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    So, with all that gragra of ppl calling her a so called celebrity in Niga, she doesnt even have the muscle to know a single celebrity over there? ROFLL!!! . It goes to show everyone that she is a nobody abroad afterall. A one eye person is a queen in the land of the blind. PEACE OUT

    • Polypoly

      April 14, 2015 at 1:51 pm

      REEEEAAAAAAAADDDDDDD!!!!!! Yassssss hunty!!!! 2 snaps in a z forrmation and a dip….yassss bih, u slayed my life….whooooooo chailllllllllle

  19. cookie lyon

    April 14, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    I’m not hating but I thought cuppy is doing a masters program in NYU and she travels round the world.the little I know about a masters program in the US is that it’s demanding.well,cuppy carry go!

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