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Claire Idera Nnani chats with Nicole Chikwe about Motherhood in this Episode of “Mum’s Worst Day” Podcast



A new episode of the “Mum’s Worst Day” podcast created and hosted by Nicole Chikwe has premiered.

In this episode, Nicole chats with Claire Idera Nnani; a designer, multimedia artist, mother of one and wife of actor and media personality; Akah Nnani. They talk extensively about breastfeeding and the difficulties mothers experience while at it. Nicole and Claire go on about how the efforts mothers put into giving birth and raising children are under-appreciated and how women evaluate their overall performance as mothers.

Many women struggle about believing themselves to be good mothers probably due to some experiences which make them feel they failed as mothers. They also recount the rigours of childbirth and how doctors could show more empathy when dealing with pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Listen to the new podcast below:

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