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Choose your Wellness: Amstel Malta Ultra Brought the Heat to the BB Titans Task and the Ultra Fitness Party

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It was an exciting weekend with the no-sugar-added premium malt brand, Amstel Malta Ultra, as it brought the heat to the Big Brother Titans Ziyakhala Wahala house, with the Ultra Power challenge task, while taking over the streets of Lagos with the fitness party of the century.

Starting the fiesta with the Ultra Power Challenge, Amstel Malta Ultra switched things up and heightened the adrenaline rush of housemates with an exciting game of luck as opposed to the strategy sessions that typify tasks in the BB Titan house.

The Ultra Power Challenge required housemates to progress through a number-inspired mat game while answering brand and wellness-related quizzes on black or red coloured flash cards.

As the fierce contest continued, it became apparent that some teams had the magic touch, while others proved to everyone that one could roll dice, but ‘God brings the six’.

Luck or not, the BB Titans housemates had a lot of fun at the Amstel’s task session while serving us the premium content its audience signed up for.

The winners of the task were Thabang and Nana, who finished with a total of 68 points.

Maya and Yaya were close on their heels with 59 points.

Team Khosicle and Juiovla also got points for showing up.

Moving on from the house, Amstel Malta Ultra hosted the Ultra Fitness Party with its first gym partner, Pure Fitness Africa, bringing together fitness enthusiasts for an energy-packed fitness hangout.

There were several fitness-inspired activities for attendees to partake in, from yoga to aerobics to dance classes and obstacle courses. Everyone had a great time, and the energy in the room was palpable.

To top it off, the brand treated guests to delicious and healthy Amstel Malta Ultra-infused meals to keep them refuelled and recharged.

Amstel Malta Ultra created an awesome experience for the people present and is also giving an opportunity for you to win a N50,000 cash prize, gym membership subscriptions, and much more when you join the ongoing Amstel Malta Ultra Cleanse challenge.

Follow @AmstelMalta on Instagram for more details.

Expect more Amstel Malta Ultra moments in the BB Titan house, as the malt brand continues to serve exactly what was ordered, Ziyakhala Wahala style.

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