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Indomie added a delightful Flavour to the AMVCA 9th edition | Here is what you missed

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Lights, camera, action! The prestigious Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) 2023 was bigger and more glamorous than ever before. It brought about an explosion of glitz, pizzaz, and deliciousness never seen before as Indomie, the nation’s favourite noodle brand, was an exclusive sponsor, adding its savoury flavours to the star-studded affair.

This year’s AMVCAs showcased not only the finest in the game but also the delectable delights of Indomie, leaving attendees craving for more. The Opening Night/Cultural Day of the AMVCAs kicked off with a burst of African culture, showcasing and celebrating the wealth of African tradition. From mesmerizing dance performances to captivating runway shows, attendees were immersed in the vibrant tapestry of African heritage.

In a yummy twist, Indomie’s irresistible Crayfish Chicken, Chicken Pepersoup, and Jollof Chicken flavours joined the celebration, offering a taste of comfort and nostalgia that perfectly complemented the cultural spectacle.

Indomie had more surprises on its menu as the brand did not stop at just treating taste buds; it set up a photo booth that became one of the hottest spots at the event. Attendees flocked to the booth, capturing memorable moments and expressing their love for Indomie and their favourite movies.

The second day doubled as the Fashion Night/Nominees Gala, and although fashion was the focus of the day, what’s fashion without flavours? While African designers unleashed their creative prowess and dazzled the red carpet in a frenzy of exquisite creations, the noodles giant, Indomie Nigeria, treated the entire gathering to its yummy flavours – like a culinary show of its own.

Displaying an array of mouthwatering flavours with artistic flair, and giving beautiful keepsakes of Indomie flavours to always remember the event by.

Finally, the wait was over, and the much-anticipated award ceremony arrived, leaving attendees on the edge of their seats. The stage was set with different performers, including the Queen of Afrobeats – Tiwa Savage, wowing the audience with incredible performances.

As winners took their well-deserved bows, acceptance speeches echoed through the hall, including Tobi Bakre, who won the Indomie Nigeria-sponsored Best Actor category at the AMVCAs 2023.

The noodle giant did not leave any stone unturned but rather added a delicious twist to the celebration with its movie-like photobooth, which allowed people to feel closer to their favourite movies and the ceremony.

This became a testament to the enduring love everyone has for this iconic noodle brand, and their favourite stars and movies. It also served as a delicious meeting point for friends old and new, as attendees bonded over their shared love for their favourite noodles.

People from all walks of life gathered, from seasoned film professionals and celebs to their passionate fans, as they enjoyed Indomie’s delightful treats, took Instagram-worthy photos and videos at the photo booth, and shared their thoughts on expressing love with the brand.

As the award ceremony came to an end, the celebration was far from over. The afterparty was a delicious one, where celebrities and industry insiders let loose and danced the night away. And in a culinary stroke of genius, the noodle giant served up a scrumptious surprise as mouth-watering flavours of Indomie kept being rushed and getting served back to back. Each bite was a burst of yumminess that kept the party going and people asking for more.

The AMVCAs 2023 brought together the best of African cinema and fashion, and Indomie’s presence was a true delight, spicing up the affair with their mouthwatering flavours and reminding us all that good times and Indomie Noodles go hand in hand. As the curtains fell on this year’s AMVCAs, attendees left with their hearts full of joy, their taste buds tantalized, and a newfound appreciation for the magical combination of cinema, fashion, and the unforgettable flavours of Indomie Nigeria.

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