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#BNWeekInReview: Stay Updated on the Top Stories You Missed This Week

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Happy weekend BNers!

It’s been an exciting week, and a lot has gone down from the movies, music and lifestyle to recognitions, events, love, fashion, features and so much more.

In the middle of the constant hustle and bustle, you might have overlooked a thing or two and wonder how to keep up with all that’s happened.

On, there’s always an interesting scoop, gorgeous birthday pictures, vlogs, an interesting piece of information, and everything else that has to do with keeping you updated! If you didn’t catch all of it, here’s a recap… That is, after all, why we came! So keep scrolling and remember to click on the title links for more information on each story.

Now, let us take you through everything that happened this third week in August.

Denola Grey is Officially an Author! What You Should Know About His New Children’s Book “The Moonseeker”

“Omo Ghetto: The Saga” is Heading to Netflix!

BN Hot Topic: Is Working Multiple Jobs Causing Artificial Unemployment? 

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Has A New Show – “The Late Night Show With Eni” ????

Arese Ugwu’s “The Smart Money Woman” Series will be on Netflix Next Month

22 Years of Marriage, 13 Years of Waiting – Here’s How The Owolabis Have Sailed Their Ever After

Take a Look at Sydney Talker’s Brand New Whip!

Neo Made Vee’s 25th Birthday Extra Special | See Highlights from the Celebration

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